Offset Printing Specialists in Manukau & Auckland

While we provide a number of different services at Artech Print, our major focus is on offset litho printing. We offer a range of offset printing services to customers in Auckland and across New Zealand. We are able to produce offset lithographic printing up to SRA2 sheet size. If you are a large commercial client and require large quantities of work produced, we are the team to contact. Our equipment allows us to produce anything from a business card to a magazine.

About offset printing

Offset printing is one of the most popular printing methods in the world and is the major focus of Artech Print. This type of printing is common for the production of magazines, brochures, stationery and books. Offset printing is the best method for economically producing large quantities of high quality work.


There are a number of advantages of choosing offset printing. These include:

  • Consistent image quality

  • Single and spot colour options

  • Easy conversion of art into print

  • Easy repeat printing from held plates

  • Larger variety of paper stock options

  • Accurate and multiple finishing options

  • More economical on longer runs

With these advantages, it is clear why this type of printing continues to be the main stay of the printing industry.

If you have any questions about offset printing or any of our other services, please contact us today. Our advice, gained from years of experience, is free!

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Letterpress Finishing

We provide letterpress finishing at our office in Manukau. This includes numbering, die cutting, and creasing up to SRA2 sheet size. With professional equipment and a highly experienced team, you are in the best hands possible with us. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for our offset printing services.


At Artech Print, we firmly believe the caring for the environment is one of our biggest responsibilities. Read on to learn about some of the steps we take to protect our planet.

  • All our processes – be it in our digital printing or offset printing services – are constantly refined to ensure that we minimize waste. What waste we do produce, we separate into distinct streams for easy recycling or reprocessing.


  • Our inks are vegetable based, contain less than 1% mineral oils, and are made from renewable sources.

  • Our Printing plates are CTP ‘computer to plate’ eliminating the need for any film and any associated chemicals. Our plates are then recycled.

  • Any hazardous waste is placed in sealable containers and disposed of via a waste collection facility.

  • Our paper stocks are sourced from mills certificated with ISO 14001 in environmental management. This guarantees continuous improvement. Almost all of our stock is made from wood pulp with is Elemental Chlorine Free (EFC)

  • Our products are batched together for efficient printing and less waste.